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There are at least three original Butterflies, each very different. Each clearly showing Zoë’s practiced and improved art skills. In my opinion, the Butterfly was an homage to her disease, Lupus. A symptom of Lupus is getting red or dark cheeks that resemble the shape of a butterfly.

I broke up with Vanessa in Austria. She had just arrived from an 18-hour journey and had lost her luggage which would arrive in two days. I sat her down on the single bed that we were supposed to share for the rest of the week and said I could never have a life with her because she had Lupus.

Vanessa and I had a beautiful relationship that I never allowed myself to appreciate. To me, we were just a caterpillar, and I failed to see just how wonderful we could be.

I felt so guilty with my choice, I insisted that she take the original Butterfly. Vanessa absolutely loved butterflies and had them everywhere in her life.